Monday, June 9, 2008

I found a level buddy!

Aidin is a level 29 Ranger. We finished off some quests in the valley last night. She is a veteran WoW raider and also she aslo hates PKs as much as I do. We ganked a fool that was starting trouble last night, so we are kinda PKs lol, but what the heck!!

I finally hit 30...and being off Tuesday, I will jam for 40. I hear a lot of talk of grind versus quest. To make real money and maximize time spent, grinding is supposed to be the deal. I plan on mixing it up. Need 3g for mount money at level 40. I been giving most to the guild so we can build the fortress.

OMG the fortress is beyond cool. Very Roman looking. I can't wait to get sieged!! On another note, if you play on a pvp server be prepared for the worst kind of griefing imaginable. But being a Barbarian, I can stealth, which is a serious advantage. I have promised myself no alts, none, no not going to happen lol!! If I did make one it would be an Tempest of Set, which can't stealth and as far as I'm concerned is a sitting duck. Kill all PKs and level fast people!!! Going to try to get an interview with our guildmaster posted. Laters.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't #^%$ with the Aussie's!!

We have a few mates from down under in our guild and one in particular, Viruz, has been very helpful to me personally. We're always giving them hell in guild chat and vent, but I say don't $&^% wit the Aussies!! Watch the video linked above to see what I mean!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yup, we have a guild mascot!! His name is Crazedkiller, which is a mild term for this very active and powerful member of the "Order of the Ancients" team. In vent, he sounds like Mr. Balboa with a mouthful of gravel, but in game he is like five normal people that have an insatiable need to pwn everything that moves!!! He also makes us laugh and that's what counts!!!

Hail Caesar!!!

Had a big day at work, got home late, but finally REALLY clicked with my guild, the "Order of the Ancients". These people are truly exceptional. They have the most advanced guild fortress on this server, they dominate pvp, they have a very active membership and a focused guild leader, Kreeh ftw!!! But don't forget we have a massive vent membership as well!!! Peeps can ask for info and get it quick! Crystel, mentioned in a former post, ran me right to where I needed to be for the gathering quests!!! Thank you, thank you and also thank you!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ZOMG Horse PK (tyvm yetanother conanblog)


And I will tell you why!!! Last night I stopped at the entrance to the Clan Moragh Area, had to afk and didn't stealth to a safe spot first, literally got pulled AFK by my horny GF. I get back and I am dead, from the arrows of a 27 Ranger. I rez and my 25 Barbarian ass goes back and he is still there. Pwning him was so easy. The Stunning Punch/Clobber II combo keeps them from kiting, they just die. And die again, and again. So here's a link for all Rangers, may you bask in your effeminate glow.

On another note, I like PvP but I am not a PK. In other words, I don't gank people just because their back is turned and they have low health. I kill for a reason, like I see people from opposing guilds or factions, or they have a stupid name, or if they are PKs. I hate PKs, not for their lame attempts to kill me, but because they kill the little ones. Weak, and yes, gay!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hit 20 last night, finished Destiny quest and then went to Cimmeria. Leveling is fast through the 20s. The quests are well spaced and not crazy hard, yet still challenging.